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2022 - 2023 Graduate Academic Catalog 
2022 - 2023 Graduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduation Requirements

Degree Program Requirements

The following requirements apply to all graduate degree programs. Candidates must file a graduation application with their program advisor. Upon completion of all requirements for the master’s degree, candidates are certified for graduation by the Registrar of the university. Degrees are publicly conferred at each university commencement.

The student’s graduate degree program requirements are those specified in the Graduate Catalog at the time a student is accepted into the program and has begun the program of study. If courses are deleted, appropriate course substitutions will be determined with the graduate advisor.

If a student is not enrolled for at least two consecutive semesters (including summer term), the student must re-apply and follow the program requirements of the new catalog.

Graduation Requirements

Students are responsible for knowing the graduation requirements of their degree program. Students must satisfy all Graduate Studies program requirements and specific degree requirements of their graduate program, and submit an graduation application in order to graduate.

Any student completing degree requirements at the conclusion of the spring or summer semesters must apply for graduation by November 15; any student completing degree requirements at the end of the fall semester must apply by May 1.

A student must complete graduation requirements under provisions of the graduate catalog within a six-year period. If a student does not complete graduation requirements within this time frame, he or she will be required to meet the graduation requirements of the current graduate catalog.

To Earn a Master’s Degree from UAFS, Students Must Satisfy the Following:

  • Complete all course and program requirements of their graduate degree program.
  • Students must complete 80 percent of the program requirements in residence. Program residence requirements may vary from the guidelines of the Office of Graduate Studies and are described in the individual program requirements for the degree. The 80 percent rule applies to all programs unless more stringent requirements are listed by individual programs.
  • A student must achieve a minimum 3.0 overall grade point average in all courses counted toward the degree unless the individual program has a more stringent grade point average requirement.
  • A maximum of two Cs may be used to meet degree requirements.
  • A master’s degree program requires the completion of a graduate thesis or project. The thesis or project must be prepared in a style and format that is prescribed by the specific degree program. Copies of the signed thesis or project must be submitted to the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs in the Office of Graduate Studies upon completion.