May 23, 2024  
2023 - 2024 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2023 - 2024 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Electrical Engineering Technology, BS

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The bachelor of science in electrical engineering technology is a completer degree for those students who have completed the associate of applied science in electronics technology, or have completed 45 hours toward the degree, or have the permission of the dean of the college.  Students complete additional courses in robotics and/or sustainable energy technologies to earn certificates of proficiency.



Pre-Program Requirements:

  • English Composition Credit Hours: 6 1
  • Speech Credit Hours: 3 1
  • Mathematics Credit Hours: 6 1
  • Lab Science Credit Hours: 8 1
  • Fine arts Credit Hours: 3 1
  • Humanities Credit Hours: 3 1
  • History/Government Credit Hours: 3 1
  • Social Sciences Credit Hours: 6 1
  • Career block Credit Hours: 37 5

75 Total Hours

Junior Year Fall Semester - 16 Hours

Junior Year Spring Semester - 15 Hours

Senior Year Fall Semester - 14 Hours

120 Total Hours

At least 40 hours must be upper level


  1. General Education Core Requirements, see Graduation Requirements section of this catalog. Follow requirements with these stipulations: mathematics - must take MATH 1403  and MATH 2403 ; lab science - must take PHYS 2803 /PHYS 2811  and PHYS 2823 /PHYS 2831 .
  2. These courses are used to determine major GPA, see Graduation Requirements section of this catalog.
  3. Upper-level electives, 14 hours. Five hours of upper-level free electives, and nine hours of upper-level technical coursework are required. Consult with faculty advisor.
  4. Three hours of upper or lower technical elective courses must be taken from EET, ELEC courses or other approved courses.
  5. Career block, 37 hours. Must complete CGT 1302  and 35 lower-level hours from ELEC, ELEG, or applicable courses with advisor approval.
  6. Prior to graduation students must demonstrate competency in financial literacy by satisfactory completion of FIN 1521  (or an approved substitution) with a grade of C or better, or by a score of 70% or more on a challenge exam for FIN 1521 .

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